Computer Games in Education

Are computer games a waste of time, or a new and very effective method of learning ?

On the one hand it is said that computer games are just a shooter that teach children aggression, which of the virtual world can be transferred to the real one, on the other hand, computer games , even shooters teach concentration coordination and proficiency in computer use. In addition, more and more professionals from education says that the kids should be teated intense colors and moving image because it promotes the formation of neural connections .

For those who were bored of traditional textbooks, science in the form of a computer game can be a very interesting alternative . You can guess that the video game will be useful mainly in the education of people with mobility and visual dominant system of representation. Less for people with a voice system representation.

The advantage of the computer in education is that :
1.A Computer always has time for us
2. A Computer is infinitely patient
3. An Educational software useually instantly detects errors made by the a student
4. A Computer presentation may be tailored to the needs of the student .

Chess geme empowers (even computer- implemented ) a make strategic thinking ability , they are often liked by people with mathematical skills .

Advantages of using games in education
1. Games are interactive for students
2. Shoreten reaction time
3. Exercise concentration
4. Exercise short-term memory
5.Exercise concentration
6.Excesise achieving the objective

Cons games
1. Kid can unused to papter and pencil and hand writing
2. Games can teach aggression

Conclusion . Computer games can be a very valuable addition and motivating element for learning , and the use of the computer itself is attractive for kids.

This an example for computer games used for teching orthography (in Polish gry ortograficzne). What more very difficult and complex polish orthography. The are commonly used along schools in Poland.