Conditions for the development of innovation

Access to knowledge – for many people the idea of ​​a need for information , I have an idea , what do I do next … how the law protects my interests where I can get the funds . The Bank is not the best idea … What is important is what legal form is the best and safest (eg Capital company ) , how to protect your idea already at the stage of negotiations with a potential investor . A good example is to sign an NDA ( non disclosure agreement ) .

Often you need more experience and knowledge in the field, to see if your idea is truly innovative. Often the people in the industry do not want to let someone new and they ask who is behind this . Authority is much easier to popularize the new solution .

Access to capital – although many companies , even Apple started in a garage proverbs and without financial resources , access to funding is very important. The real development begins when funds are no longer a barrier.

Access to the market – often in business difficulty is access to the market. For innovative products , this difficulty can be seen more than for other products or services because people may not be aware at all the case that our product or service solves an unsolved problem and solve it better, faster or cheaper than other solutions .

This approach let’s do something , and then think how and to whom I sell it is too risky , in order to achieve commercial success we immediately wonder how and to whom we sell our product or service. Remember, that money is the blood of any business and even pharmaceutical companies look to profit and return from investment.

Attitude of people – often a barrier to innovation is the attitude of the people and their habits that often matter more than legal rules. Sometimes people are quite difficult to convince the new I passed a lot of time must elapse before a new solution to adopt .

Access to the workers and the labor market – we must ask ourselves how and where to find the experts needed in our project.