If you make it a habit of reading dating profile headlines or visiting dating websites for teenagers, you have probably heard about pickup artists. These are people who are able to get dates with anyone that they want. A man who is a pickup artists will brag to you that he can just choose a woman at random, based on what he wants her to look like, and get a date with her whenever he wants. If you have struggled with getting dates, even when you use online dating bases, you might think that this is nothing more than a fantasy.

The first thing that you need to know, before you read any farther, is that it is not a fantasy. It is real. There are people who brag about being pickup artists who really are not, of course, because they like to make things up for attention. The real artists are out there, though, and they have been able to accomplish everything that they claim because they have broken dating down into a science. Ignoring the emotional entanglements that cause so many people to fail when they are dating on Facebook – how many times have you posted something on your crush’s wall, feeling flustered and nervous, and then wished you could take it back later? – they use tactics that they know will work to get the results that they want.

As far as dating rules for men are concerned, a lot of it has to do with confidence. Look at some dating headlines for women and you will see that they love men who put forth a confident appearance. This shows them that these men are worth their time. They will take them more seriously. Most people are anything but confident when talking to someone that they like, though, because they are too nervous about saying the right thing; as a result, they only say the wrong things. You have to change this confidence level to get beautiful women to pay attention.

Now, it is important to note that your confidence does not necessarily have to be real. You may still feel very nervous inside. You just have to project it on the outside. The more that you do this, the easier it will get. In fact, you will find that pretending to be confident will be so successful, getting you many dates, that you will actually start to feel more confident. Before long, you won’t be projecting it anymore because it will be real.

You may want to start by looking at dating profile examples for men. What types of things can you add to a profile to make yourself look confident and cool? Read some of the best PUA books to get ideas. You will see that even the little details often go a long way toward representing yourself online and in real life.

The goal of PUA online dating is to get a date in real life. You connect online, providing you both with a safe environment to get to know each other, and then you meet in person. When you do this – whether you are striving to be a text game PUA, a style PUA, a gambler PUA, or some other type of PUA altogether – there is only one thing that you have to remember: You must be interested in her. People often think that they need to be arrogant and self-centered to look confident, but that is not true, not even for a cajun PUA. She is more important.

There are tons of ways for you, as an AFC PUA, to do this. Start out by asking questions. Show her that you want to spend time getting to know her. Demonstrate that holding a conversation is easy for you. Answer the questions that she asks, but always try to lead things back to her so she knows where she stands. The PUA online dating was a chance for you to talk about yourself, but the next step in being a real kino PUA has to be about her. This is what an openers PUA or a juggler PUA will do to draw the woman in.

As you talk about her, which makes her like you more without realizing why she does, try to work in some seductive words. These can subtly show her your intentions and bring the two of you closer. You may want to consult a seductive words list for some examples of words that you can use. Keep track of her reactions to things so that you are not too obvious, pushing things too far. You have to start small and keep building it up. Eventually, you can start sending dirty text messages that take the relationship to a new level, but you must build that base of fondness and friendship first.