Good business and bad business

Good business and bad business

Good business is to produce products or provide services that people are really looking for .

Good business is to buy a product or a service that is desred, cheap and sell expensive.

Another example of good business is being a representative of the company in the country.

Whether you are a manufacturer, service provider or intermediary, the question is, what people or companies need, what they want to buy, or order, which is necessary for them and at what price .

In most cases, if you are selling too cheap, you lose and you’re not respected , if you sell too expensive, there is no one to buy .

Of course busier sells recognized branded products , which people know and look for them, and busier innovative solutions that no one knows.

Otherwise sell the machine at 1 000 000 $ a different pens for $ 1

The question remains why others are successful and others loose.

Often, it is crucial that you are doing something better than the competition .

If you have a reputation , you’re doing something really great , you can easily obtain wealthy clients , who better to pay for your services . If you are doing the best in the world manetofony study , your problem is not how to sell them , just as the body generates enough to fulfill all orders .