Google SEO – what is more important now and which is more important factor for SEO prices

In my opinion there are two aspects of SEO:

  1. more technical
  2. human

The technical aspect is well known among SEO society. Almost every one know about URLs, web page structure and navigation, problems caused by duplicated content. It is worth to remember that technical optimization is also (in fact, first of all) very important for humans. Meaningful URLs are much easier to remember then very long not readable ones… for example is easy to remember but definitely is not.

Human factors mean semantic of text and it seem to be far more important in these days. What’s more one don’t have deal with SEO at all to write valuable, original article which is rewarded with links from other valuable sites in this same niche. You need to be an expert in your branch.

Delivering well structured and good quality content can be challenging and sometimes we will need an expert if we are not.

We can imagine 4 basic situations:

  1. Well optimized site with very valuable and original content (very good for human and good robot)
  2. Not optimized site with very valuable and original content (good for human and no so good for robot)
  3. Well optimized site with low quality (or not original) content (good for none)
  4. Not optimized site with low quality (or not original) content (good for none)

Big question is what kind of content we should deliver? What people are searching for?

Technical renationalisation can done in affordable prices (in Polish: pozycjonowanie stron cennik)  while writing really good content can involve some research to be done and in-depth knowledge and experience.

To write really good content you have to be an expert in a niche… to do some on-page optimization you sometimes just need to know sometimes basis of SEO… but

For Google SEO (in Polish: pozycjonowanie google) the great content should be well organized so technical optimization can be much more difficult when the structure of knowledge is complex. Sometimes you may need a brainstorm to organize your content so that a newbie can easily find needed piece of information presented in simple form and if he or she wants more it is easy to navigate to learn more…

My conclusion is however technical aspects are still very important but they ware more important when machine learning wasn’t used for content evaluation and now semantic of content is far more important.