Innovative vs. Traditional in Business

Telemarketing and cold calling are traditional. E-Mailing and using SEO is innovative. What is better?

The answer is simple. The better is what gives better results. The only problem is we cant predict these results so easily. We only can make use of our experience or perform some tests.

If you sell pins or pencils cold calling is not so good and SEO neither. If you sell expensive goods or services like plastic surgeries SEO is very appropriate.

If you have to educate your potential clients e-mailing is a very good way and you can build emailing list using SEO and Adwords.

SEO and Adwords are good if clients are looking for something. It can be a service, product or problem.

Cold calling is better if you have to convince people to do something you want or just check what they really need.

There are two thing SEO and Adwords have in common. These are keywords engineering and conversion. SEO is more technical.