Mathematical Education

Mathematics practicing reasoning ability . Mathematics is the basis of physics, and so the language to describe the world and of many phenomena . For many people, math is difficult , and claim that they do not have the so-called mathematical abilities. The truth is that in mathematics it is important to master the basics and stuff from previous stages of education, especially at primary and secondary level . Shortcomings and difficulties buildup .

Core competencies necessary to learn mathematics are:

1.comparing sizes, numbers and counting,
2. Common mathematical operations:

– addition
– multiplication
3. times tables times tables application for kids
7.columnar addition, subtraction, multiplication, division .

You can not learn math without further understand and master these basics.

In the study of mathematics is important to exercise and practice to master the skill .

At the level of studies, it is one thing to understand the idea of ​​the anti-derivative function and indefinite integral , and then labeled , and another is counting specific integrals . It is worth noting that it is impossible to master the concept of the anti-derivative functions without the knowledge of the concept of the derivative function. Derivative function can’t be understood , not knowing the concept of limit of a function and not knowing what the function . In the humanities is the meaning of less importance. You can successfully master the history of the twentieth century , not knowing the history of ancient or even medieval .

Although mathematics is the theoretical science, it is typically the most important to solve exercies. It is difficult to require from the child to know that the multiplication table is a table of values ​​of a function of two variables , the functions of several variables are introduced in college. Also at the higher stages of learning mathematics, where it is important to understand the definitions and sometimes even proof or even his ideas is equally important to solving exercises.

Sometimes inconsistent teaching of physics in college. Immediately actually need the knowledge of differential equations , while mathematical analysis has not yet introduced the concept of a differential equation .

You could say that the early stages of learning mathematics , for example, kids learn to count without any theoretical basis. For further (for example, in high school or already in college ) learning math is more conscious.

Sometimes the definition of a concept looks quite intricate , and the same concept is simple .. when i understand them or someone explain the concept and definitions of data becomes simple.

The use of multimedia is especially useful in the early stages of learning mathematics when a child learns to count , compare, learn your multiplication tables . The computer is a ” patient ” and immediately eliminates errors preventing perpetuating the erroneous patterns .