What comes to your mind when you think about a massage? Relaxing, Sensual and Blissful — these are the common adjectives used for describing regular massages. However, in case of a medical massage, the word ‘healing’ can also be added to the list of adjectives denoting the process. A medical massage is a special type of massage which is used as a treatment for encouraging recuperation after a trauma or an injury, for improving a range of motion and for easing pain. In fact this kind of massage may be defined as an alternative form of healing which discourages the use of medicines.

One of the popular names that crop up in case of medical massages would be the Yumeiho massage. This is a form of massage therapy that can treat an array of physical problems and ailments without the need of administering medicines. This form of massage was created back in the year 1978 by Saoinji Masayuki, a well-known Japanese Esperantist and doctor. This new effective technique of massage was created by extracting the best portions of different treatments methods from different countries like China, Japan, etc.

The Yumeiho massage is based on an ancient oriental method called ‘Seitaiho’. The main purpose of this method of medical massage is to prevent symptoms of physical ailments with the help of realizing exercises. There are hundreds of different movements that can be used by the Yumeiho masseur or therapist in order to address each and every muscle of the body from the head right till the toes! Yumeiho massages are extremely beneficial for connective tissues, cartilaginous tissue and the muscles. When you go for a Yumeiho massage, you can restore the elasticity of your muscles and also improve your posture to a great extent.

The main characteristics of a Yumeiho massage, used mainly for rehabilitation (in Polish rehabilitacja), are prevention and treatment. One of the main problems that are treated with the help of this medical massage is hip displacement. This can be defined as an acquired or inherited type of deformation or misalignment in case of the hip joint. In other words, it simply means that the hip joint of one’s body is having the wrong shape, because of which the labrum and cartilage can go through abnormal wear and tear due to increased force. Also, because of this, the individual would have a stronger leg and a weaker leg.Known as KotsubanYumeiho in Japanese, this form of pressure kneading and adjustment therapy comprises of three main components: Jushin Setsu (which is the center of gravity balance theory), the Osatsu Ho (which implies stroking and pressing methods) and last but not least, Kyosei Ho (which refers to realignment methods and structural diagnosis).

From the above it is quite apparent that the Yumeiho massage is no simple massage, therefore in order for a masseur or a therapist to be able to perform this, he/she has to be intensively trained. The massage is aimed at correcting all the joints of the patient while giving a deep and refreshing massage to the muscles of the patient. What is truly impressive about this form of medical massage is that it has proven to be effective for those individuals whom doctors have rejected and who have given up the hope of getting cured. Through the Yumeiho massage these individuals were able to become healthy once again and get back to ordinary life. Thus, because of its miraculous healing powers, the Yumeiho massage is also referred to as the “The Spring of Life Cause Killing Therapy” or the “Hipbone Correcting Kneading and Pressing Therapy” or the “Oriental Special Goddess Massage” therapy.

While hipbone displacement may be the primary and most popular condition that can be cured by Yumeiho massage, there is a huge list of ailments and illnesses that this medical massage can cure too! Some examples would be problems of bladder, spleen, kidneys, pancreas, heart, intestine, stomach and liver. One can also turn to Yumeiho massage in order to cure hypotension and hypertension. It is also capable of improving or completely curing serious diseases and illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, collagen-illnesses, muscular dystrophy, rheumatism and so on. In fact even modern medicines have difficulty dealing with these diseases but in case of the Yumeiho massage, it is something that can be tackled successfully. Rehabilitacja Opole i masaż Opole