The US is a traveler’s haven

The US is a traveler’s haven, given the diverse landscapes and locations that people get to visit in this country. The different transport options, accommodation and food choices spanning budget motels, hostels and 5 star hotels to ultimate luxury hotels, make the trip both enjoyable and comfortable. Amongst the several touristy locations that beckon the visitor, there are select destinations that are highly popular. World-famous places (like Miami beach) like the Miami Beach, the Las Vegas Strip, Disneyland and other Walt Disney Theme Parks, Grand Canyon, Yellow Stone National Park and Niagara Falls attract a large number of visitors each year.

Off-beat and lesser known places of interest also tend to record an increasing number of both local and foreign visitors, thanks to luxury hotels and 5 star hotels in the vicinity. These hotels not only offer excellent food and dining facilities, but are likely to offer guided tours and chauffeured vehicles to explore the terrain.

Let’s take a look a few such already famous places, and others that figure high on the tourist’s itinerary.

The Las Vegas Strip

Eternally popular, this gambler’s paradise also offers the best of wining and dining experiences at bargain prices. The light-and-music shows at the Bellagio fountains, and a 5-mile mini-world tour showcasing a pyramid, sphinx, Eiffer-tower, Arc-de-Troimphe, Venetial canal, skyline of NYC, and a pretty fairy-tale castle is a captivating experience. Luxury casino hotels such as The Cosmopolitan, Encore, and Caesar’s Palace line the Strip, offering an opportunity for visitors to try their luck at striking a jackpot here.

Fairbanks, Alaska

Off-season visitors to Fairbanks in 2013, will make it on time to feast on the spectacular display of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), especially marking the end of 11 years of high activity. Also on offer is the traditional cuisine offered by several famous restaurants in the place. Advance bookings are recommended.

Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska

While in Alaska, visitors can experience the natural splendor of the region. This park, which houses local wildlife species such as grizzlies, caribou, moose and others animals, is also home to Mount McKinley – the highest mountain in North America.

Navy Pier, Chicago

Spread over a 50-acre landscape bordering Lake Michigan, this pier has evolved into a high-activity zone, housing several amusement activities such as the large Ferris wheel, Wave Swinger and Merry Go-Round. Visitors may also opt for skates, bicycles and quad-cycle rides to explore the place.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston

This historically relevant hall that once hosted great orators such as Samuel Adams and George Washington, along with the three markets of North, South and Quincy is a shopper’s delight. With over 100 brick-and-mortar shops and an assortment of mobile carts showcasing specialty goods, the square offers a wide array of products.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fast emerging as an art capital, this city – home to the famous Philadelphia Museum of Art – is steadily expanding its art galleries to new venues, such as the Icebox, that attract international attention. Vintage boutiques, 5 star hotels and budget accommodations make the stop-over at this city quite relaxing and comfortable.

American Samoa

A must-see on the travel itinerary of the elite, or almost anyone who can afford the trip, this natural Polynesian paradise is home to a national park. Replete with white sandy beaches, quaint fishing villages, jagged mountains, waterfalls and lush greenery, American Samoa can be visited on a US passport.

Eastern Sierra, California

Spectacular scenic route along the 395, whizzing past Bridgeport’s famous hot spring, Travertine, along the empty town of Bodie and calcified Tufa towers at Mono Lake, and the 60-foot basalt wall at Devils Postpile, offers a glimpse of the natural richness of the lesser travelled eastern flank of the Sierra Nevada. No luxuries available en-route here though.

Glacier National Park, Montana

Visitor’s who can manage a trip to this wildest, remotest of national parks in the country at the earliest can get a view of the 25 glaciers that are housed in this park, before the changing climes get to them. A scenic mix of snow-covered ridges, half frozen lakes and vast meadows interspersed with wildflowers, the park can be explored by driving along the beaten path, or charting out a safe course to beat the crowds and explore fresh terrain. The Many Glacier Hotel, designed on the lines of a Swiss-Chalet, makes this trip even more memorable.

Verde Valley, Arizona

Popular on the tourist maps for its latest wine circuit that spans four vineyards near the town of Sedona, Verde Valley, also offers an interesting mix of good food, hiking trails, and relaxed settings. Visitors are bound to enjoy a kayak ride to one of the vineyards in the circuit.

The beaches at Miami and Florida are eternally popular with both tourists and the locals; so is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. New York City offers the best of cityscape for the visitor, including luxury hotels, entertainment, shopping, and relaxation options.

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