University degrees and Bologna Process

University degrees and Bologna Process.

What is heppeing after Bologna Process. What changed? You can go to any of signatories contries and continue your study or work.

Your diploma is valid in all these contries.

The first serious exam:

High School Exit Exam (Matura)

These degrees are in common in most countries:

Bachelor’s or Engineer’s Degree
Master’s of Arts or Master of Science Degree
Doctor’s Degree

What is a problem? We talk to chairman form

In some countries and in some disciplines obtaining an university degree involves writing a thesis and conducting some research.

In some educational System every stage of education on most specialization finishes with writing a Bachelor, engineer, master or Doctoral thesis.

During high school and during first years at university students have no research experience and conducting such a research later can be a challenge. A good preparation for such undertaking are projects students made.

For most faculties making literature research and writing a thesis is not so easy task as it seems.

There are different requirements at each level in among different countries and even at different universities. Some advisory do help students or doctor candidates, even writing a table of contents, some don’t and a student or doctoral candidate must work on her o his own.

In some countries to be awarded a Ph. D. Degree not only a research is needed but also some coursework.

Some people say that Ph.D. Research is done quickly when Advisor and Ph.D. Candidate have this same area of expertise.

There are some companies helping students in their research and in writing. The main reason this kind of help is needed is that some advisors don’t help their students and the students who don’t like reading and writing.

At Ph.D. Level you have do something creative while at Bechlor’s you don’t. But more students dont like writing a Bechelor’s theis than doctoral