What discoveries and innovations are the biggest challenge

1.Medicine – still not discovered not used in practice, knowledge of the cell niche and control signals cell development in the niche . Research in progress. Their results are of great importance for the treatment of cancer and also for the treatment of organ resection consequences – imagine grow back the lost kidney. Perhaps it would be useful for tissue modeling using genetic programming example .
2.Universe structure – yet we have extremely long distances there, even at the speed of light away, do not know who and why created the universe . Perhaps these findings will enable communication over long distances and generating energy .
3.Matter structure, today everything seems increasingly to be a big hologram.

It should be noted that progress in the fields of nature and the laws that govern it ( biology , medicine , physics ) is much more challenging than progress in logistics , commerce, or science, where many things are as they create or define them . Although undoubtedly progress in the sciences and physics has a tremendous impact on technology .