What is most important thing in information society?

Every one one seems to know. The answer is access to information you need. It can be a film on Youtube, or address of nearest dentist if one of your teeth is aching or an article you want to read.

You are siting at your computer and typing in a keyword in Google and the magic happened. You got a list of results, usually a lot of results.

Assume, you what to set a blog and publish some information and you want of course, a lot of people to write your articles. So your task is simple. You have to write article people are looking for and want to read and what is the Google task? Google principle is to deliver information of best quality and most relevant content to its user query. No problem is when there are a lot of sites with information relevant to some extinct to this query. There are a lot of sites to chose from. But what happens if Google has indexed a few on even no sites relevant to its user query? You can do a great job for people looking for this information and for Google too. And this good job will be rewarded because you deliver information people are looking for and none else deliver this kind of information. You are a winner.

To be a winner in this game you have to deliver a good content none else or ony few deliver or you have to deliver the best content… Your content must be well structured and have some internal and external links.